- Ø5600mm
- Ø5600mm


Rotary Table - Boring - Round

LocationEnnepetal - Hall 3
Delivery TermsAccording to the arragement
QuotationFree on truck from location
Priceupon request
table diameter
5600 mm
table load
150 t
total power requirement
88 kW
weight of the machine ca.
55 t

Round table dm 5600 mm / 150 to load
Round table dia. 5600mm / 150 to load

Equipment: ????Table with drive motor
Status: ????decommissioned since 1980
Machine type:????C.T.F
Diameter core faceplate: ???3000 mm
Diameter ring faceplate: ???5600 mm
Core and ring faceplate can be coupled: yes
Faceplate divisible into segments: no
Max. workpiece weight: ??150000 kg
Table weight approx.:????55000 kg
Dimensions: ????Dm 5600 x H 1500 mm

filming operation
Speed: ????0.1 - 20 rpm
Rotation levels:????4
Drive power: ???88 KW

milling operation
Speed: ????0.0002 - 0.2 rpm
Peripheral speed (5000 mm):?3140 mm/min
Drive power: ???11 KW


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(Catalog-No. S1817)