H.EUEN - welding & rotating device
H.EUEN - welding & rotating device

H.EUEN welding & rotating device

Facing Device

Built in2014
ConditionVery well used
Delivery TermsAccording to the arrangement
QuotationFree on truck from location
Priceupon request
Rotating speeds
100-2000 mm/min
table load
5000 t
connected load frequency
230 V / Hz
5000 kg
faceplate diameter
800 mm
clamping diameter
1600 mm
centre height
1400 mm
1400 mm

- Stable and durable steel construction
- two base frames with two hydraulic cylinders each
- bridge with support shell between holders and cylinders
The support shell is adjusted to the diameter of the inner
housing to 1306 mm and is placed on the housing during the work process.
When turning is required, the roller consoles are hydraulically pressed
upwards through openings in these support shells, lifting the inner housing
a small distance out of the shell so that it can now be turned electrically
with the aid of the motors. After turning, the housing is lowered back onto
the support shell. The necessary height adjustment, which allows the housing
to be rotated to the 90° position, is done by lifting the bridge between the
other two hydraulic cylinders. The support shell can be converted to the
smaller housing diameter of 1,079 mm by installing spacer blocks. The stroke
of the rollers is already adapted to this situation, so that even in this case
the housing can be easily lifted for turning.
The support shells are dimensioned in such a way that it
is not possible for the housing to fall out during
To compensate for the asymmetrical load distribution during rotation,
retractable counterpressure rollers
are mounted on the roller consoles to prevent slipping.


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H.EUEN Drehvorrichtung
(Catalog-No. P1000)