Our services: Used machines and new machines.

For more than 10 years, the company ATMH-Maschinen- Handel GmbH has been active in the purchase and sale of used machine tools, sheet metal processing machines and industrial systems of all kinds.

Both when selling and when buying, we guarantee
an absolutely serious and smooth transaction.

Upon immediate payment, short-term and punctual processing is a priority for us.

Buying, selling and brokering of:

• Metalworking machines / machine tools

• Industrial plants

• Complete or partial purchases of company equipment and tools

• New machines (sheet metal processing and machine tools)


We are at your disposal by e-mail or telephone for questions and detailed information.

ATMH - Machine Tools and Trading

- Scharpenbergerstr. 96-98, 58256 Ennepetal, Germany -

In connection with restructuring, economic fluctuations, the introduction of new quality standards, relocations of production, procurement of liquidity or insolvencies, we buy or broker all or part of your business inventory at fair prices.

The focus of our range of offers is the purchase and sale of the following used systems or used machines of any kind, conventional or CNC controlled.

The marketing of new metalworking machines and systems is also part of our range of services.